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Logo Variations

Tailor Brands provides you with light & dark versions of your logo. Use the dark logo version on lighter backgrounds & light version on multi-colored and dark backgrounds whenever the original color of the logo doesn’t fit with the rest of the palette.

NM SERVICE - Variation 1
NM SERVICE - Variation 2
NM SERVICE - Variation 3
NM SERVICE - Variation 4


Font Used In Your Logo

Typography plays an important role in communicating an overall tone and quality. Careful use of typography reinforces your personality and ensures clarity and harmony in all design elements.

Fun City -Level 2 Stencil
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Nokio Medium
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Color System

Primary & Complementary

We developed a palette of colors that consists of one primary color plus two shades. Consistent use of these colors will contribute to a cohesive and harmonious look.

Primary Color
HEX | #FF5000

Rgb | 255, 80, 0

HSL | 19, 100, 50
Secondary Color
HEX | #000000

Rgb | 0, 0, 0

HSL | 0, 0, 0
Tagline Color
HEX | #000000

Rgb | 0, 0, 0

HSL | 0, 0, 0
Lighter Shade
HEX | #FF9565

Rgb | 255, 149, 101

HSL | 19, 100, 70
Darker Shade
HEX | #992F00

Rgb | 153, 47, 0

HSL | 19, 100, 30
Complementary Color

Rgb | 0, 175, 255

HSL | 199, 100, 50

Logo Use

Correct Use Of Backgrounds

Images you use for the background should have:

A minimalistic look
Contrast with the logo
A solid color overlay
As little detail as possible

Incorrect Use Of Backgrounds

Too many colors
Lots of detail
Small centered objects
Low contrast between logo and background

Incorrect Use Of Logo

Please follow these rules to preserve your brand’s identity:

Don't flip
Don't rotate
Don't skew
Don't stretch too big

Mock Ups

Expand Your World

Below, you will find some mock ups of your logo to give you a better idea of what your brand can look like... Dream big!

Your Brand Online

Your Brand In Print